3D & Interactive systems


llusion Show



People and products appear as three dimensional holograms. Their realistic and attractive images draw the attention of potential customers at shopping centers and give a new dimension to exhibitions, performances or concerts.


Invisible Screen



Invisible Screen projects videos on a transparent screen of fog and it allows people to pass through. The projected items give the sense of moving on air. The fog is generated by ultra sound waves and ordinary water, without any chemical or other substance.


3D Hologram Stand



3D Hologram stand is an interior video projection system, creating a realistic holographic image visible in a 360º angle. It can combine sound and picture and is placed at Commercial Centres, Supermarkets, Multi stores, Multiplex cinemas, Airports, Exhibitions and Conferences. It is flexible, interactive, and projects logos, products, videos, human bodies and characters.


3D Hologram Desktop


3D Hologram desktop allows a 3D projection with sound, and can display products, logos, titles or people, as a hologram. The image is visible in a 360º angle, combined with the real product.


Digital News Stand


Digital news stands provide direct information and a quick digital look at a magazine, a newspaper or a book. The user can download the document of his interest, subscribe, choose an offer, get the most updated report.


Play Logo



Play Logo is a ground breaking system, which allows projection of video on logos of any size, creating a sense of perspective and depth.


Digital Window



Digital Window is a video projection system on a transparent surface and acts as an animated poster. The content changes from conventional to interactive when someone interacts with it and changes back to its original state when it is not used. This system can convert a shop window into an interactive touch screen, attracting the attention of the public.