Software Solutions


Digital contest

Competitions take place on large touch-screen systems, using interactive concepts, games and offers that make participation easier and more fun. The systems increase the sense of competition and gather important data for future use.


Virtual expo

A revolutionary application can present a whole exposition center digitally, in three dimensions. The user can visit any brand stand he wishes, get the info, see the products, talk to the people behind it, and stroll about.


Virtual magazine

An impressive application, giving a sense of thumping through a digital magazine.


Newsletter software

A powerful application for sending and managing large numbers of electronic messages. The application gives a report of who read the message and when, and is not blocked as spam.


Digital reality

A specially designed software for three-dimensional applications on screen, by recognizing a symbol through a camera. Its technology is based on augmented reality and has been applied to info kiosks and mobile phones.